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Introduction To What Is To Come

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Let's get started!

Hello everyone and welcome! I only feel it’s fair, before beginning, to explain what is going on and what to expect in the future on I am planning a lot of fun goodies for my readers and site users some free and some paid, so there will be something for everyone.

First, I should introduce the for sure. The week following the posting of this I will start posting short stories based on a series of prompts every week. These will be available for all to see. I cannot promise that all of them will be a hit out of the park however, I will give them all a good college try and attempt to display some talent in doing something that makes me uncomfortable. This will allow me to provide fresh new content on a constant bases, and all the prompts are available to those reading, so feel free to attempt to write your own stories utilizing the same prompts! These posts will come every Wednesday so look forward to it. Why Wednesday, well because it is my favorite day of the week. Also, please if you enjoy them lead other back to the site.

Second, I am planning a few serials for the website. This would consist of stories broken up and published over long periods of time. Due to the more unique quality to my process and the fact that I am writing this all by myself this will not start until closer to next year. Keep your fingers crossed that I can meet my before start quota so I can give myself a head start that will allow there to be as little lag as possible. I will announce the schedule for these closer to the date and they will be posted, along with hopefully some fun sneak peeks.

Third, I do plan on writing normal blog posts when time allows, hopefully averaging about two to four a month. My goal is to be fun, real, and casual with these. I am considering whether or not I want to include a YouTube or Rumble or even both to go along with this but I will not bust that out quite yet. As for when I will get these out, I will probably start somewhere around October of this year, and it will likely be a Monday thing. I will of course, be confirming closer to the date and will likely send out a message or even post it into one of my blogs, so if your interested consider subscribing to make your life easier.

Fourth, I do plan on doing Q&A’s and various other things like that, only those are impossible to preplan as they have a lot to do with outside participation. So as soon as I start getting some of that I will begin making plans to post them. They will come with an email announcement to website subscribers. Oh, and at some point, I plan on having some website subscriber exclusives Q&A’s and things like that, again that depends on the number of participants.

As for paid content, I do have a few things planned, but they are still in development so for now look forward to the freebees and keep your eyes peeled for coming updates on that front. I can’t promise that day will come, but it might.

I am also adding a donate button to the website, so if you enjoy the free content and aren’t really interested in being a financial supporter by purchasing a book or getting a plan, when they are available, but you still like the content and want to help keep it going please utilize it. This will as help me keep things ad free!

All and all, making these plans are not totally easy for me. Promises are difficult when I worry about how I will be able to produce, especially considering that I am working on several novels right now that I am desperately trying to remain focused on, as well as trying to balance a personal life, so I am a bit tight for time. Work is much easier when it is not at home and you can leave it somewhere else, however that is not my life. Hopefully, as I get used to this schedule everything will naturally smooth itself out, though there might be some wrinkles at first.

So, from here the future looks bright. I am positive that I will not enjoy myself every step of the way, as I do not enjoy every step of writing or more so publishing, but I trust that this will at least be diverting to those who choose to follow along. And gradually, I will like it more and more. I hope we can have a lot of fun together and well, who knows what the future holds, but I imagine that it will be quite the adventure, and I look forward to sharing it with all of you.

P.S. I am doing the sentence prompts with someone as important to me as my right arm, check out this link and see what she's up to:

Quick disclaimer and final comments: I am a Christian artist, so I try to keep things as clean as possible. I avoid all curses and ask that you do not use any on the comments of this blog or on any of my social media while communicating. I also do not indorse any stories that utilize prompts I have used especially those that utilize unbiblical plots, themes, etc. If I utilize a different websites prompts that is not an endorsement to that site, however I might feel obligated to include the link. I do not affiliate with any writing companies, websites, etc. and thus take no responsibility for any materials they post or endorse. I merely utilize the free information they share. Let’s have some good clean fun :P

Quick thanks to Min An from Pexels for the use of the lovely free image!

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