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Have you even told them what you are or where you came from?

                                                                                         What exactly is expected of you? 

COMPLETE The REd Fox Ran.jpg

    Living a double life isn’t easy. Don’t smile too wide, be careful others might see. Don’t show your other side. Forget where you came from. Forget what they did to you… what they made you. It’s a terrible and often terrifying balancing act to pretend to be what you’re not. Rejecting himself for what he wanted most Bay Haven found himself sucked into an average life attending a clandestine high school, developing ordinary friendships, pretending all the while to be what he isn’t… normal.

     But as time passes and the frayed edges of who he really is begins to attract unwanted attention, Bay has no other option then to face what is ahead of him and answer the brutal call of what seems to be his cursed bloodline, facing the illusion created by those in the white towers and decide if he really is what They want him to believe he is. But in doing so he might lose everything he had struggled so hard to get and what he took for granted all in one fail swoop.

Friendship and romance are what truly ignite the engaging story.... banter delights and invigorates, thanks in large part to Knight's nimble dialogue the author's powerful narrative themes drive this tale. An endearing tale of love, family, and companionship.


---Book Viral 

Intelligently crafted and skilfully executed, ‘The Red Fox Ran’ is the tale of difference and similarity, and
of love, respect, and belonging. Completely absorbing from beginning to end, this a superb book,
ideal, but not only, for a young adult audience. It is a firm five-star read.

---Emma Megan for Reader’s Favorite

December Knight expertly blends mystery, friendship, and the threat of believing you are who others say
you are. This novel surpassed my expectations. It's thought-provoking and brilliantly plotted. Prepare to
fall in love with a most exceptional fox. The Red Fox Ran has enough tension, mystery, and peril to
please all fans of psychological fiction and The Hunger Games.

---Paul Zietsman for Reader’s Favorite

The Red Fox Ran is a sublime work of fiction with strong themes, a captivating plot, and strong
characters that are relatable to the point that I felt I was fighting their battles alongside them.

--- Asher Syed for Reader’s Favorite

The Red Fox Ran by December Knight is a marvel in its exploration of complex relationships and their
intricacies…I loved how the book was able to weave deep moral debates and societal commentary…Very
highly recommended.

---Tracy Traynor for Reader’s Favorite

December Knight does an excellent job of building tension and mystery, keeping me turning pages. Her
writing style is extremely eloquent, and her prose has the touch of someone becoming a master in her

---Jaime Michelle for Reader’s Favorite

Where December Knight excels in The Red Fox Ran storytelling is in the tug-of-war Bay has because he
is straddling a fence between two worlds…I have no doubt this book will resonate with readers and I am a
new fan of December Knight.

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