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For All That

is in

The World

Pleasure City,a place where all your wildest and even some of your weirdest dreams can come true. All the entertainers are there to serve you, only not all of them are there willingly.


Gabriel Heart has been a Bound entertainer for Dragon Entertainment since he was eleven. Now, at the age of Seventeen, people come from all over the world, paying exorbitant fees to spend just a few seconds with the boy dubbed the Dragon’s Heart. He should be happy. People would die to be as popular, as successful, as desired as him. But in his eyes, life is a never-ending Hell. Forced to give himself to whoever is willing to pay, no matter what they ask of him, he finds his life nearly unbearable. He sees almost no point in continuing the torture.


The only thing that keeps him from ending everything is his love for his sister Priscilla. Hidden away from the rest of the world, Gabriel has managed to keep the ways of Pleasure City and Dragon Entertainment from tainting her life as it has his. But when someone meddles in their life, a powerful chain reaction causes their small world to begin to fall apart. Gabriel is forced to do something that will threaten their lives, destroying the world as they know it. Making him question if he even knew who he was at all.


"Knight has blown me away..."

"...a dramatic and heartrending novel..."

.."one of the most entertaining Christian novels to come along in recent years..."

Lesley Jones

Knight has blown me away with this compelling, dark, and thrilling novel. Their storytelling ability is absolute perfection. The action and suspense were superb and interspersed perfectly with thrilling obstacles to overcome. The ending was shocking and not what I was expecting.  Highly recommended.

Tammy Ruggles

For All That Is In The World a Christian-based coming-of-age fantasy novel...The symbolism and first-person POV work marvels here. For All That Is In The World by December Knight is one of the most entertaining Christian novels to come along in recent years.



Emily-Jane Hills Orford

Knight's Christian novel, For All That Is In The World, is a troubling story about greed and abuse and all that is unspeakable....The characters are realistic, the conflict between good and evil intense. A compelling story towards finding and accepting God's love and forgiveness through the simple act of loving and forgiving ourselves.


For All That is In The World is a dramatic and heartrending novel... The entire plot is so devastatingly sad I could hardly read the book through my tears. As the story progresses, the steps to salvation are explained and clearly depicted. Even though the conclusion is heartbreaking, it demonstrates the peace that passes understanding when someone gives their life to God.


Clever Conception. K.C. Finn

For All That Is In The World is a work of fiction in the dramatic, Christian and family-oriented fiction sub-genres...truly intriguing story with a high concept structure and emotive background story... Knight has crafted a highly unique and unusual story that has to be read to be fully appreciated.... I would certainly recommend For All That Is In The World to readers seeking a truly unique new work of fiction that blends many genres in its

Susan Sewell

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