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Discover the 2nd installment in the gripping Blake Duology with Fallen Angel. This compelling novel combines elements of Christian fiction with a deeply psychological exploration of the human soul. As the story reaches its conclusion, readers will be drawn into a world filled with drama, family secrets, and spiritual questioning. With rich character development and a thought-provoking narrative, Fallen Angel is a must-read for fans of literary fiction looking for a nuanced exploration of faith, the complexities of human nature, and evocative storytelling.

Fallen Angel Ebook (#2 Blake Duology)

  • The Clock is winding down… Whose time is running out?

          A year has passed since Toby went missing and finally, it seems that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but when a terrible accident rips everything away Clemit is left scrambling for new clues. 

         At home, James must confront the villain still undefeated finding himself forced to make a decision that could change everything irreconcilably. 

         Unaware of the problems outsides his prison, Toby fights against the monster whose grip gets tighter every second afraid that in the end there might be little he could do save lose his life to get free.

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