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The Devil of Gilding is the first installment of the gripping Blake Duology. Follow the intertwining lives of the Blake family as they navigate secrets and betrayal in this compelling story that weaves together elements of family drama, Christian themes, and psychological struggles. With rich storytelling and vivid imagery, this work of literary fiction is a must-read for anyone who enjoys thought-provoking fiction that explores the depths of human emotions. Get ready to be captivated by the Devil of Gilding and the riveting tale it unravels.

Devil of Gilding Ebook (#1 Blake Duology)

  • Despite their troubled past, the Blake family have found their own kind of perfect. James, a nobleman, and his less than reputable brother Clemit discovered something to live for in James's son, Toby. When jealousy enters their lives in the form of a new personality, all hell breaks loose.

    In a single instant, all of their lives change for the worst. A new greedier villain enters their world wrapping tightly around the one thing that kept everything together, Toby. Toby is forced to fight for his life, as James and Clemit desperately try and find him while avoiding the other villain that is still hungry for more.

    Will the Blake's survive this trial or will they be pulled apart by the hands that have taken hold?

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