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Short Story 51

The bug was having an excellent day until he hit the windshield. The smear left was terrible, evidence of the tragedy. The two had collided at high-speed going in opposite directions. It was a blessing that the impact had killed the poor thing immediately. The wiper blades were ignited to remove the evidence of what had happened, but all it did was make the situation rather worse. Windshield wiper fluid was engaged, but there was none loaded in the reservoir to extrude, which meant the windshield wipers proceeded to smear the remains of the victim's resistance that much more.

There was no other choice, the bug having been very large and the spot being particularly irritating to the vision, a stop had to be made at a gas station to remove the remains with a specialized implement, a squeegee.

The red gargantuan pulled up near one of the feeding pumps and from the recesses of its aluminum shell came the brain of the beast a fleshy, cylindrical, autonomous being that dressed in smooth fabric. This necessary extra went to the receptacle where the dreaded disposal object resided and removed it from the soapy broth it retired in. From above this flurry bath there was also blue towels and from this the being feed generously filling its mighty claw before returning to the rumbling beast.

There was a moment where the windshield wiper blades were lifted, raised high above the glass stained with the remains of the fallen innocent. There they remained outstretched toward the sky, holding their arms away for the malicious consciousness to dispose of the ignorant creature now strewn in its entirety in varying sections of the transparent glass. All at once upon what was left was pressed a harsh sponge coated in thick foaming cleaning liquid. As the implement was moved hither and thither over the expansive surface the remains gave way from where they had been cruelly spread with no qualm.

The powerful tool was turned and with this other side a slender, flexible, new antagonist was born. It pulled the remains violently taking them away in wispy slithers of foam. This was then raised and with the blue towels removed only to be once again applied. The process was quick and horrifying. When the brain of the metallic beast had finished it moved around to the other side performing the same action until the whole surface shone like the brightest star and the corpse of the innocent was gone.

Returning the squeegee to its liquid home the wipers were attended. With the dampened blue towels the remains that stuck to their frail limbs were cleaned of the debris with careful attention. With villainous pride these tiny appendages were returned to their position on the glass eyes of the monster.

Finally finished with its dastardly rampart the blue towels, which held the creature of no consequence, were thrown into a stone barrel and the brain returned to its aluminum shell. Away this beast drove sparkling into the sun. Its body of blood an answer to the maiming. It was not sullied by the killing, not hampered by the loss. Alas, it would do it again. Kill senselessly and very likely end the lives of many more without a second thought or a gasping breath of remorse.


Thank you so much for reading everyone!!

Prompt Sentence: The bug was having an excellent day until he hit the windshield

Word Count: 555

©DecemberKnight 2023

Special thanks to the name is Karupu from Pexels for the use of the image!

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