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Short Story 42

A Hundred and ten Percent

The gentle hum of fingers dancing across keyboards spread out through the room. There were one hundred people on this floor and all of them were typing, that was ten thousand fingers dancing across letters if you counted their thumbs. Their eyes one hundred and ninety-nine, one of the employees having lost an eye in a scooter accident the summer before, stared at the screens rhythmically following the movement of the growing letters across them. The cubicles were lined up in rows of ten forming fifty rows exactly. There were five supervisors obligated to march between the rows monitoring the work of the employees. There was one floor manager and this particular person had an office at the front of the room with glass walls right beside the elevator.

Work continued from dawn until dusk, that was to include any length of hour that was equal to the hours of visible sunlight in the workday. In summer, the work went on longer and in winter they left earlier. Lunch was promptly at eleven and ended at twelve all members were required to eat at their desks and bring their own lunch. There were scheduled bathroom breaks numbers one to fifty were able to go to the restroom on their floor between ten and eleven and two and three. Numbers fifty-one to one hundred were allowed to use the facilities between the hours of one and two and three and four.

All employees were advised to bring a sixty-four-ounce thermos with caffeinated coffee to work every morning. Snacking was unadvised as it distracted from the necessary rhythmic hum of work. However, if it was required for some reason it was advisable to bring something quick and not crumbly or sticky. Crumbs could get between the keys and sticky fingers could leave residue on the keyboards, which would unavoidably cause delays.

It is always important to remember that efficiency is key. Efficiency comes before all else. It is the core cog that keeps the machine working, even when employees do not understand nor know the nature of the beast for which they work.

All those employed receive ample benefits to include insurance, with moderate deductible, this includes dental and optical. They receive a living income that keeps them comfortable within society. There is also options for upward mobility, as well as educational advancement. Weekends are also free, and there are always available overtime hours.

Applications are replied to within one to three business days or within a seventy-two-hour period.

It is encouraged and expected that all employees follow the required standard of hours and put in their all for the company.


Thank you so much for reading everyone!!

Prompt Sentence: A Hundred and Ten Percent

Word Count: 439

©DecemberKnight 2023

Special thanks to Volodymyr Hryshchenko from Unsplash for the use of the image!

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