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Short Story 3


She traveled because it cost the same as therapy and was a lot more enjoyable. Oh, she did her best to follow the rules. She was always good at following them, except when it didn’t suit her. Take the fact that she knew she wasn’t supposed to speak with the invasive thoughts in her head. Well, she did well until they were her only companion, but her problem with them wasn’t that they were there and very often, if not always, disagreed with her. No, it was that they dominated the conversation. This was something unforgivable, so she had decided to shun them until they learned how to have a civilized conversation.

Harriet was often seen as an oddball. It was something she lived with quite comfortably. She had a habit of wearing the red and white Hello name tag with her name of course diligently printed on it, though no one ever utilized it. If they did, because occasionally that happened, she would ignore the person saying it. As most of the time they didn’t introduce themselves and she preferred not to be at a disadvantage.

While traveling she did not discard her strange behaviors but brought them with her. There seemed no purpose in changing her behaviors for people she didn’t know and would hardly know longer than a week or so. She did make it a very strict rule though never to do anything to get herself into any real trouble, as that would defeat the point of relaxing.

What in fact was her decided pitch against the field of psychology? Well, she saw no purpose to being spoken to by people who were rather on a lot of medication themselves and sought to put anyone on a pill if they had a chance. She also found it strange that they often suffered from the very things they were supposed to help others with, and though it was not a crime to help yourself it didn’t make sense to go to a marriage counselor who had a divorce, maybe more than one in fact. Not that she needed marriage counseling as Harriet was quite decided that she would never marry or date at all.

All this said and considered, traveling more than often cured her of her blues, and so this was something she did quite often in whatever form it took. It was good at taking quite interesting forms. She was asked once how she afforded it and how she managed to get the time off. These questions she would always answer with a dead stare. For it seemed of little concern to her whether anyone knew anything at all. She believed entirely in the idea of self-education. And if they could not educate themselves on her methods then they would never know them.


Thank you so much for reading everyone!!

Prompt Sentence: She traveled because it cost the same as therapy and was a lot more enjoyable.

Word Count: 468

©DecemberKnight 2022

Special thanks to Annie Spatt from Unsplash for the use of the image!

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