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Short Story 26

Updated: May 17, 2023

Back and Forth

How long did it take?

How long was it supposed to take?

Not long.

It took longer than that.

I see.

Is that a bad thing?

I suppose, however, I can’t guarantee that that will not be held against you

when under review.

So, then it’s a bad thing?


I see.

But you will have the ability to submit documentation in support of yourself.

Well, that’s good.

Though that is rarely taken into consideration.

That’s bad.

Well only because it is a general waste of time, but most bureaucratic things are.

So, is there any hope for me?

There is always hope.


Well hope has never needed to be based within reality.

I see.

Don’t be down. You can always submit recommendations; those are taken far

more seriously than arguments you make on your own.



The only thing is, I’m still pretty new, I’m not sure anyone will want to give

a recommendation.

I’m sure you’ll be able to find someone.

I do hope so, because if not, I am at a lack to think what else can be done for me.

Oh, you make too much of one slow job.

Do I?


Still, I can’t help myself.

Just allow your anxiety to be your own. The evaluators are not so easily swayed.

The outcomes of your jobs will also be assessed to decide if the product was good,

even if maybe the execution wasn’t.

Is that so?

It is. Time can be worked on, but quality is rare.

I suppose that is reassuring.

Just relax, your evaluation will be over soon, and you won’t have to wait long

thereafter to discover your score. I’m sure you’ll do fine.

It’s kind of you to say so.

Not at all. These things usually aren’t as bad as we think.

I am so pleased to hear that. I feel more at ease.

Good, now go and rest so I can finish my summation and submit.

Of course, yes, I will. Thanks again.

Not a problem at all.

Verdict of the Probation Board.

After reviewing all information to include recommendations, review of performance, and general coworker relations, and other important and pertinent information, it has been determined by the Probation Board that the individual in question must submit to no less then thirty-six hours of remedial training. At the close of this additional training, they will reenter their probation period which will last no less than a period of one year. After this year they will be reevaluated for performance and if there are additional recommendations or steps needed, they will be determined at that time.


Thank you so much for reading everyone!!

Prompt Sentence: How long did it take?

Word Count: 438

©DecemberKnight 2023

Special thanks to Andrys from Pixabay for the use of the image!

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