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Short Story 13

The A Political Mind

There aren’t enough towels in the world to stop the sewage flowing from his mouth. But the pathos of the words rang true and as was the practice the crowd applauded as soon as the speaker had finished. He would go on record for having communicated his rather robust options at a rate of fourteen words for every one breath and a marked improvement in blinking which now proceeded every twenty-fourth word. It would later be said that nothing quite so metaphoric and transformative had ever been quantified or seen in modern history.

The news correspondents in their usual fashion made quick interpretations to describe the speaker as robustly intellectual and morally quite astute. Though none of them could clearly state what had been said. They could assure the wider listening public, who themselves could not be trusted to disseminate this information, that the events were life altering and that the moments of his vigorous speech would go down in the chronical of history as a marked improvement on the human condition.

Several of the more clandestine audience members expressed that during the speech they had had religious experiences. And many more stated that after this they would never see things the same way again as the experience was transcendent.

It is important to note that the speaker boasted of a healthy catalog of prestigious political and business connections both at home and abroad and seeks to grow his philanthropic works predominantly through medical research and aid. All of which are done within a clandestine manor to, of course, preserve the privacy of those who choose to participate, though he is always happy to receive donations to his 501 (c) (3).

As for the speaker’s personal life, he makes a modest taxable income, as most of his revenues were made through his non-profits and maintained a modest four thousand square foot beach home in Santa Barbara. He also maintained three other residences of a similar status, one in New York, one in the Caribbean, and the other in the Swiss Alps.

Of course, he was a family man, and enjoyed his time with his spouse and his two children whenever life permitted. Many choose to call him Bastion for it is said he was simply the greatest example of a bastion of morality.


Thank you so much for reading everyone!!

Prompt: There aren’t enough towels in the world to stop the sewage flowing from his mouth.

Word Count: 381

©DecemberKnight 2022

Special thanks to Khashayar Kouchpeyde from Unsplash for the use of the image!

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